Wittunga Botanic Gardens Part 2

On our recent visit to Wittunga Botanic Gardens in the Adelaide Hills I was on the lookout for both birds and flowers. The bird sightings I have dealt with on my birding blog. Since buying my digital camera last year I have had a renewed interest in photography and have recently added many photos on the family photo gallery. I attended a photography course at the Gluepot Bird Reserve soon after purchasing the camera.

Flowers in the  Wittunga Botanic Gardens

Flowers in the Wittunga Botanic Gardens

The course I attended gave me many valuable hints about looking at subjects in a different light. The facilitator, professional photographer Craig Ingram, described photography as “painting with light”. Just this little snippet gave me a whole new way of looking at the subjects I try to photograph. I now see my subjects in an entirely new light – pun intended.

Photos of plants like the one above can be enhanced many times by shifting one’s perspective, angle of shooting and the angle of the sunlight falling on the flowers. The trunks of trees fascinate me, with their myriads of colours, textures, shapes and forms. Putting all these elements together can result in some pleasing shots.


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