Wittunga Botanic Gardens Part 4

On our recent visit to the Wittunga Botanic Gardens in the Adelaide Hills, I was torn between photographing flowers and watching out for the birdlife. My wife is more interested in the plants because that is where her interests are strongest. She has a small nursery growing plants native to Australia.

My attention was diverted from taking a few shots of the Anigoznathos family (common name Kangaroo Paw) when I heard a disturbance in a nearby eucalypt tree. Looking up I could see an Australian Magpie being quite upset with the presence of a koala in the branches of the same tree. Despite much raucous calling, a a few dive bombing attempts by a Noisy Miner (a honeyeater), the koala just kept on snoozing. For more details, and a photo, go to my birding blog (click here)

Wittunga Botanic Gardens

Wittunga Botanic Gardens

Despite being in the middle of a very dry winter, we were delighted with the variety of plants that were flowering. This garden, like so many South Australian parks and gardens, will become a kaleidoscope of colour come spring time.


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