Wittunga Botanic Gardens Part 3

The Wittunga Botanic Gardens near the suburb of Blackwood in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia is an annex of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Wittunga was once a private garden.

Wittunga Botanic Garden
Wittunga Botanic Garden at Blackwood dates back from 1901, but first opened to the public in 1975. The Garden is of interest all year round however its displays of Australian and southern African plants are especially dazzling in Spring. Species of ericas, proteas, leucadendrons, banksias and hakeas are featured, as are good collections of bulbous and cormose species. Two lakes and a sandplain garden make your visit memorable, whether as a botanist or casual visitor.

Protea flower at Wittunga Botanic Gardens

Protea flower at Wittunga Botanic Gardens

It had been quite a few years since our last visit to these gardens, but they did not disappoint. Despite being in a busy residential part of the city and hills, there is a wonderful peace, an almost tangible tranquillity in a garden like this.

And this peacefulness is apparent despite the noisy, garrulous screeching of the Rainbow Lorikeets as they feed in the eucalypt trees that abound in the gardens.


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