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Central Zoo, Kathmandu, Nepal

Central Zoo, Kathmandu

Central Zoo, Kathmandu

After a break of a few weeks I am going to return to writing about my time in Nepal. If you want to read earlier posts about my time in Nepal, click on the appropriate link in the contents section on the sidebar, or choose one of the categories.

One of the things I really wanted to do while in Kathmandu was to visit their zoo. My family and I are keen visitors to zoos and wildlife parks here in Australia. I am a life member of the Adelaide Zoo in South Australia, so it was only natural that I wanted to visit a foreign zoo. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to observe some of the native animals I had missed while exploring different parts of Nepal.

Central Zoo, Kathmandu

Central Zoo, Kathmandu

Central Zoo in Kathmandu in the only zoo in Nepal. It is within easy reach of most parts of the city. It was very cheap to enter; two Australian dollars if my memory is correct plus another dollar if I wanted to take photos. The day I visited was a sunny, clear day and so there were many visitors, including several large groups of school children.

Overall, my impression of this zoo is one of great disappointment. It was generally clean and well maintained but the animals on show were merely token efforts at representing some of the fauna of this beautiful country. The enclosures were obviously constructed in the late 1800s and have never been upgraded since. Heavy mesh wire cages and bars were everywhere, with no attempts at making the enclosures pleasant for the animals nor aesthetic for the human visitors.

It is a sad reminder of how zoos once were constructed. One cannot blame the zoo authorities for this sad state. Nepal has endured massive political and financial pressures in recent decades; there would have been no sense of urgency or even a perceived need to improve the overall appearance of the displays, nor to care more humanely for the animals on display.

In coming days I will feature some of the animals I photographed.

Celebrating this Travel Blog’s Milestone

A few days ago I missed a milestone in the life of this travel blog. I’ve now posted over 300 articles on this blog, most of them about places I’ve been and photographed. For new readers to this blog I invite you to dig deeply into the archives for a wealth of reading about places I’ve been, experiences I’ve had and photos of those places.

Link: Archives of Trevor’s Travels (Click here).

Of course, if you don’t want to troll through all of the archives, I’ve set up a quick way to access several themes in my writing. Click on the link to access these compilations of articles.


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Travel blogs about New Zealand

Yesterday I featured a travel blog about New Zealand. Since then I’ve found a few more, so if you are thinking about travelling to The Land of the Long White Cloud you should check out these blogs:

Travelling New Zealand

I have not yet had the joy of travelling New Zealand but I hope to rectify that one day. From friends and family who have been there, I know it is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people and places. We actually have a good excuse to go there because we have a number of friends from New Zealand who used to live here in South Australia.

In the meantime, I need to travel in New Zealand vicariously. Travel blogs make this quite easy. Here is just one that I’ve come across recently:

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Storm Clouds over Murray Bridge, South Australia

Storm clouds over Murray Bridge

Storm clouds over Murray Bridge

Yesterday I wrote about a recent trip to Mannum. While there I took some photos of some spectacular storm clouds that had built up during the afternoon. As I travelled home the setting sun lit up these clouds creating an amazing light show.

Storm clouds over Murray Bridge, South Australia

Storm clouds over Murray Bridge, South Australia

All the shots shown on this post were actually taken from our own driveway. Somehow the photos do not really do justice to the magnificence of the clouds.

Storm clouds over Murray Bridge, South Australia

Storm clouds over Murray Bridge, South Australia

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