Exotic Destinations: India

When I was planning my trip to Thailand and Nepal I originally wanted to go on to India and explore there for a few weeks. Unfortunately it would have added far too much cost to an already stretched budget. This is a shame because India is such a diverse country both culturally and geographically. If I’d gone ahead with my original plans, I would have only touched a small portion of this wonderfully exotic country. I had intended seeing some of the country within a day or so travel from New Delhi.

So instead, I travel vicariously via travel blogs. Possibly one of the best travel blogs I’ve come across is called India Ink. This blog is written by Basia, an instructional designer who lives in Chennai. Being single, she has been able to spend many holidays in different parts of India, as well as many other exotic locations. Some of these include Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe (she was born in Poland) and the USA, where she grew up.

Basia has written about her impressions of the many places she has visited. These accounts are wonderful; I especially loved her piece about taking a luxurious bath in the Everest View Hotel after struggling up the mountains while trekking in Nepal.

In my opinion, the main strength of her blog, however, is the photography. It is brilliant. She never hesitates to not only take the spectacular, but she focusses her camera on the bizarre, the unusual and the ordinary things of life in these cultures.

Highly recommended.



3 Responses to “Exotic Destinations: India”

  1. Manjari says:


    Please go through my blog –

    http://indian-ecstacies.blogspot.com/. I am trying to build in a simialr pattern

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Manjari, welcome to my travel blog. I like what you are doing with your blog.

    Here are some hints to help you: keep everything simple, always try to keep it personal (places you have been, things you have seen and so on) and include at least one photo on each article (if possible – and taken by yourself). Try also to post a new article regularly – at least one every week. That will bring people back to your site often.

    I think you are doing a good job.

  3. Manjari says:

    Hi Trevor.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. They are invaluable indeed but since I am busy in my work I hardly get time to update it but never th less I would try to implement your suggestions.

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