Exotic Destinations: The View from Fez, Morocco

Over the last few days I have been searching the internet for blogs featuring exotic destinations. These have focussed this week on Morocco in the north west part of Africa. My wife and I would love to travel to exotic destinations like this but at the moment it is but a dream. (Update: in December 2011 this dream came true. Check the archives for posts and photos about our experiences.)

The View from Fez is a blog which has six different contributors. Fez is the third largest city in Morocco with a population of nearly a million. This blog, like so many of its type, has many beautiful photos, well worth the time lingering over them. But this blog is far more than the photos.

It includes a wonderful array of impressions of life in Morocco. It features the people, the culture, the customs and the festivals of this fascinating city. It also has hints for tourists and articles about what to see.



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