Travels in Nepal #13 What a view

Scene from our lodge in Monjo, Nepal

Scene from our lodge in Monjo, Nepal

The most amazing thing about the trek I did in Nepal in January of this year was my reaction to the mountain views. I could not come to terms with the fact that mountains could be so high, so steep and so magnificent. At every turn I could have taken dozens of photos. I did take a large number of photos and only some are featured here on this blog.

The photo above was taken from the back door of the lodge where we stayed in the village of Monjo. This village is on the trek I did from Lukla to Tengboche. It is the same track one takes to get to Everest Base Camp. What a view to have at your back door. The mountain shown in the photo – I haven’t worked out its name yet – towers several thousand metres above the village. It seemed only a few kilometres away.

Since arriving back home I have shown some of these photos to family and friends. Several have asked me if the colour of the sky is accurate. Yes, it is. We were fortunate that the weather during our trek was bright and sunny on all days except one.

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