Travels in Nepal #14 A small matter of convenience

Toilet at our lodge in Monjo

Toilet at our lodge in Monjo

I have mixed feelings about camping in the Australian bush on cold nights. From time to time one has to heed the promptings of natural bodily functions. Should one wait until sunrise – or brave the cold frosty air in the middle of the night? Leaving the warm cosiness of your sleeping bag is a challenge indeed.

Imagine my discomfort then while trekking in Nepal in January earlier this year. The days were quite pleasant; we walked in T-shirts and lightweight trousers. The moment the sun went behind the nearest mountain the temperature dropped to below freezing in a matter of minutes. At least, that’s what it felt like. So using the toilet (bathroom for all my American readers) was an even greater challenge than on a frosty night in the Aussie bush.

At Monjo, where the above photo was taken, the toilet and washing facilities were in a little shed out the back of the lodge where we slept. I had never used squat toilets before this trek, so the challenge was more than just coping with the cold. I coped. There was no choice, actually. Makes one appreciate the creature comforts of home.

And it was lovely to get back into that warm sleeping bag for a few more hours.

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