Travels in Nepal #16 The Climb to Namche Bazar

Between Monjo and Namche Bazar, Nepal

Between Monjo and Namche Bazar, Nepal

From the little village of Monjo we trekked further up the valley of the Dudh Kosi (Milk River). For the first hour or so the going was relatively easy. The river was never far from the path. Sometimes we were only metres from the roaring water and at other times we were high up looking down on the boulders and the foaming water surging around them.

Eventually we came to a very high suspension bridge. It was only when looking at my photos on my return home that I realised how high that particular bridge was above the valley. from this crossing the track then snaked its way relentlessly uphill towards Namche Bazar, our destination for that day. At this point the lack of oxygen at this altitude started to really take its toll on me. Every step was an effort and the climb seemed to be never ending. Every breath I was gasping for oxygen.

Near Namche Bazar, Nepal

Near Namche Bazar, Nepal

I decided not to try to keep up with the younger, fitter members of the trekking group and set my own steady pace. In reality, I had little choice. My body wouldn’t go any faster. And there were no prizes for coming first.

The only way I could make it was to set a steady pace – my pace – and persevere until I reached the day’s goal, our lodge in Namche Bazar. I needed frequent rests which were good because it enabled me to take in the views. On reflection back home I wish I had taken more photos on this leg of the trek.

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