Travels in Nepal #17 Views from Namche Bazar

Near Namche Bazar, Nepal

Near Namche Bazar, Nepal

As we gained altitude on the way to Namche Bazar, the million dollar views were in your face in every direction. It was hard to decide where to point the camera. In reality though, I was disappointed on arrival back home that I didn’t take more on this particular leg of the trek. Granted, I did take far more on the way down.

The reason for not taking more photos on the third day of the trek was that I really struggled to reach Namche Bazar. The climb was unrelenting. It is quite easy to say that we climbed 600 metres on that day. The sheer physical effort needed to get up that mountain was possibly the hardest thing I had ever attempted to do. To top it all off, near the end of the leg I was aware of a blister developing on my left heel. My daughter ordered me to stop and she administered a patch to prevent it getting worse. She is usually the one to suffer from blisters and I rarely get them. How perverse – this time the situation was reversed; mind you, she always takes precautions, having suffered too many times in the past.

Despite the difficulties and pain the views were worth every agonising step and every gasp for air. On every rest stop I would stare in amazement at the views in every direction. I couldn’t believe that these mountains were so steep and so magnificent – and I was there looking at them in real life – not on a film or on television.

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