Travels in Nepal #18 Everest at Sunrise

Mt Everest from Namche Bazar

Mt Everest from Namche Bazar

On the fourth day of our trek in the Himalayas we were woken early. In the chilly first light we staggered up the ridge above Namche Bazar. It was quite a struggle after the climb of the day before.

We were warned not to point our cameras at the soldiers at the Army barricade nearby. Nepal was very tense while we were there and much fighting occured only a short time after I left. We were also told not to photograph the crashed helicopter nearby. It seems it was a very sore point with the local authorities.

From the ridge we were treated to sunrise lighting up Mt Everest. The above photo seems to show that we were quite close, but it was taken at full zoom (12x) and we were still six days walk from Everest Base Camp. Nevertheless, it was indeed a magnificent vista in all directions as the surrounding mountains were lit by the rising sun.

The photo below was taken at the same time by my daughter, just to prove I was there. It is a pity that Everest does not show up in the background; believe me – it is there!

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A photo of me with Everest in the background

A photo of me with Everest in the background


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  1. […] We probably did more walking that day than any other day on our trek. The only difference was that it was mostly at about the same altitude. Before breakfast we walked up a very steep ridge to view Mt Everest at dawn. I wrote about that here. […]

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